With many people ignoring preventative measures against Covid-19, celebrities Armeena Khan and Shaniera Akram called out violators of the lockdown on Twitter.

Shaniera Khan took to Twitter after observing many people violating social distancing and isolation measures. She said, in part, “We are getting frustrated and bored, I get it. But we are in the eye of the storm people, don’t be fooled!”

Armeena Khan also expressed her disapproval of actors participating in photoshoots. She tweeted, “Imagine taking part in a shoot or a photoshoot while people are dying around you. Some of us left shoots as to not endanger other people’s lives. You’re not special! The cases are climbing mark my words and each person you expose to the elements is on you!”


With over 8000 reported cases of Covid-19 in Pakistan, the lack of social distancing has become incredibly alarming.

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