What happened:

Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Murad Saeed said that the federal government has decided to expose all social media accounts involved in spreading misinformation against Pakistan.

He noted, while addressing an event in Islamabad, that India has started spreading hate and misinformation about Pakistan in order to distract from its own issues, like the ongoing farmers’ protests across India.

Pakistan has exposed Indian propaganda on all international forum in the past and will expose it again as well, stated Murad Saeed.

While referring to the EU DisInfo Lab’s report titled Indian Chronicles, Murad Saeed stated that India was running an organized campaign to discredit Pakistan in the international community since 2005.

He added that the Indian propaganda machine resurrected dead people, media groups, and NGOs, as well as establishing fake media outlets and planted fake journalists in Brussels and Geneva. The Indian propaganda campaign also stole the identities of important EU and UN organizations by impersonating them, and established hundreds of NGOs to push an anti-Pakistan narrative.

Minister Murad Saeed called on every Pakistani citizen to play their part in exposing Indian propaganda on all social networking platforms.

He reminded the audience that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MoIB) had established an anti-fake news wing in October 2018 to monitor social media posts containing false or manipulated information.