Today’s Twitter jinn story takes place on a century-old family land

Today’s Twitter jinn story takes place on a century-old family land

January 16, 2021 0

This action-packed Jinn story is guaranteed to leave u sleepless!

This Twitter user opened up about her multiple Jinn encounters which continue to haunt her family.

‘First, you need to know a little about the land to understand the different people and parts of the stories.’

Her story begins

The land we live on is 100+ years old, belonged to our forefathers who’d bought it from I guess Hindus during the subcontinent British era. Years passed and huge chunks of the land were sold off from time to time. This huge chunk got left to us, which we’re now selling. This piece of land had: an abandoned building, 5 houses (ours, my dad’s uncle’s, my 2 khalas, and a cousin). And another part was given to rent.

Her youngest son somehow got the ability to see jinns after moving here

My khala moved here with her 3 sons back in 2004. Her youngest son, 18 or 19 at that time, somehow got the ability to see jinns after moving here. The first time, he was using his computer sitting in the dark when he felt like someone was watching him. Upar dekha to koi dewar pe kisi tarha betha inko dekh raha tha. He ran out of the room, with his face white in fear. 2-3 years ago, he saw in a dream that a lot of hands were reaching out to grab mithayi that was kept on the dining table. When he woke up and went out of the room, there was the same mithayi on the dining table on the same spot he’d seen in his dream. One time his mom saw him sitting outside her room in the middle of the night. Asked him why he said there’s an old couple who keeps walking from my room to yours I’m watching them. Another time his brother saw him getting suffocated and being pushed up toward the wall, someone no one could see was choking him.

Last year he got married, never let his wife get out of the room when he slept because the jinn would wake him up. One time she left the room while he slept. He came outside and asked her why would you leave, she said I was sleeping and someone threw a fishing net type thing on me, it was a woman who laughed at me then ran away. Shortly after that, his wife saw him sitting on the sofa in the middle of the night. She asked why aren’t you sleeping, he said someone was sitting on the sofa I came and joined him, aur wo uth kar tumhari taraf aa gaya. Unki biwi dar ke uth gyien tou unho ne kaha nae ab mat daro wo to chala gaya sab theek hai.

The woman’s face was covered by her hair

One day he and his friend were walking my other cousin’s dog near the abandoned building. The dog ran inside the building. Wo upar charhta gaya. Ye log uss ke peechay bhagey. My cousin saw a woman. Now remember it’s the middle of the night and no one ever went in that building except the pathan workers who used to sleep downstairs. The woman’s face was covered by her hair. Inke peechay bhaagi ye apney dost ko pakar kar bhaga. Dost confuse hogaya cuz he couldn’t see anyone. Doggy wapas mila but she kept following them till they ran outside.

Don’t dig too much, humaray betey ki qabr hai idhar

My mamu also got his house constructed here about 8 years ago. But never got it completed hence I didn’t mention his house in the beginning. But when construction started, the same cousin saw a couple in his dream who said don’t dig too much, humaray betey ki qabr hai idhar. Speaking about their beta, many people in this family have seen a little kid roaming around or staring through windows. My 3 y/old niece who was 2 last year, used to talk to an invisible kid. We thought it’s just kids being themselves until she started getting scared and one day, my sister was watching my niece enter the room and another kid was behind her. Thinking it’s one of her brothers, when my sister focused, the kid had disappeared.

To say that I’d have died right there at that moment would be an understatement

Both my khalas and cousin have now shifted and their houses have been demolished (and we’re all going through generational trauma). But one of the last days they were here, my cousin went upstairs to leave my niece and nephew at their house (it was a separate house above my khala’s, constructed 5 years ago). Khair, when cousin out of their house to come back down, he saw a glimpse of someone sitting over the fence of the wall. Unho ne qareeb ho kar ghor se dekhney ki koshish ki ke vehem na ho, the thing on the wall also leaned forward, looked at him, smiled, and then jumped over the other side of the compound and disappeared. (To say that I’d have died right there in that moment would be an understatement)

The day they shifted, he stayed back for a while to check whether the house had been emptied and nothing was left behind. When he was leaving, he got out and closed the door to his room, kisi ne uss he darwazay ko itni zor se mara ke agar wo khula hota to inko lag jati.

We heard her son’s voice calling from inside her lounge

My cousin’s house was built beside the place being constructed for my mamu. We used to stand near her gate to wait for college/university vans. One morning, she was standing with us. We heard her son’s voice calling from inside her lounge. We went in to look. No one was there, her son was sleeping in his room.

It’s said that whenever changes are done to this land, the jinn become restless.

It’s said that whenever changes are done to this land, jinn become restless. On that note, the second cousin, whose house was beside mamu’s, in the last few weeks of her house saw a kitchen cupboard open wide with a loud noise, something black fell on the ground, the cupboard was shut back and the black thing disappeared. All this right before her eyes. Back to khala’s son. He once came back from shopping with his wife and entered through my cousin’s outer gate, which opens near the main road. My cousin and her kids weren’t at home and her husband had gone somewhere too, so the house was locked from the inside. The gates were open because my cousin had asked for it or whatever. He took his wife home through the compound came back to lock the gate and pick some shoppers he’d left here, he saw a woman with her hair open standing in the kitchen (of a locked and empty house), smiling at him.

Someone choked him

Now we’re onto our compound. Here, we and my dad’s uncle’s family lives. Dad’s mamu passed away in 2011. Back when he lived here, he had his own set of stories. One of them goes: none of our houses have stairs that go to the roof. He used a ladder to climb upstairs one day as soon as he stepped on the roof, someone choked him tightly saying ‘idhar kyun aye ho? Mere bachey yahan khel rahey hotay hain unko tang mat kia karo.’

My sister and mammu’s daughter (my cousin) used to walk at night in the outer compound (which led to khala’s house), one night she woke up feeling suffocated as if a plastic bag was wrapped around her face. Someone said in her ear ‘tum yahan walk kartey huay mere bachon pe charh gyi thi. Agli baar mat ana.’ That was the last day any of us walked in the outer compound at night. Of course, it was, and is, still the only path to go outside. That part the jinns accepted but it’s still not a path any of us prefer waking through at night alone.

Handholding, peeking, and lurking shadows

Once my sister was sleeping at night, her hand hanging from the bed, someone held it tightly, woke her up, and then disappeared. Another time, she saw that someone dressed in white was walking in the compound at night, while everyone was asleep in their houses. Last year, we were all busy with cousins’ weddings (anyone who’s on my Instagram knows and is fed up with it already). We were out the whole day, the house was locked and empty. One of my aunts saw someone moving our curtains and glancing outside 2-3 times. My dad has always had a jinn following him. They don’t show themselves to us but always walk around the house whenever he’s alone. And they’re visible quite aggressively in his dreams. He’s gone to several moulvis to get the jinn effect lightened and shit.

My mom once saw a long shadow stand over her while she was reciting the Quran on a Friday. No one was in the house except her. We were all at work/university and dad had just left for Jummah prayers. She went around the house looking for the person but no one was there. Another day, my sister had just come back from university and went to sleep in our room. My mom saw someone in her own room, called out my sister’s name because whoever mom saw was wearing my sister’s clothes. When she got up and looked in our room, she saw my sister was asleep. Also, whatever my mother saw was wearing black clothes, that my sister had discarded a long time ago. And that day my sister was wearing yellow.

“she woke up, she woke up”

My cousin, who I’ve mentioned above (got choked cuz stepped on a jinn’s kid) woke up in the middle of the night to 2 people whispering over her head. When she opened her eyes they whispered “she woke up, she woke up” and then the voices disappeared. This cousin’s room is beside the khala’s house that just got demolished, the same khala whose son’s stories I’ve described above. My cousin says that when the house was getting demolished, a few months ago, she could hear steps on the roof and someone was throwing stone at her window. When she opened her window slightly to look outside and upward, she couldn’t see anyone. The stones still kept being thrown. The same cousin once saw her brother’s dog, tied adjacent to her room’s window, barking loudly looking at something in front of her window. She said she could hear someone stepping on the leaves that had fallen outside her room but no one was there and wherever she heard the footsteps, the dog looked in that direction to bark. It was, as she describes, an entertaining experience.

One of this cousin’s sister lives in Malir, when the sister came here to visit a few months ago she said she could feel two people sitting near her feet on the bed and someone near her head. When she lifted her arm over her head, she ended up touching something’s bare teeth. She closed her eyes and didn’t move the entire night until it was Fajr and the three someones disappeared.

An orb

My nana always spoke about seeing an orb floating around the land at different spots. One time he saw it lurking over one of his granddaughter’s head. My mom also reports having seen that orb at times. Ek light ke golay ki tarha hai but it seems to have life inside it.

This land is a pain but we’re going to be leaving it in 5 months I.A, and all proof of its existence will disappear.

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