Pakistan’s first sensory play-doh, crafted to give your child an immersive play experience

Pakistan’s first sensory play-doh, crafted to give your child an immersive play experience

October 22, 2021 0
Pakistan’s first sensory play-doh, crafted to give your child an immersive play experience

Play-doh is a useful tool to support the learning of your children. It can be used as a medium for strengthening critical skills and supporting colour, letter and number recognition. Children love to roll, cut or squish play-doh, making it an interactive activity that encourages the exploring of their senses creatively.

Dear Doh is a venture that was launched six months ago by Mariam Rana who is also a mother and understands the needs of young children. Her startup provides your child with play-doh to give them a sensory experience through play-based learning. While teaching at a school, Mariam realised how children are very fond of play-doh but the play-doh available for their use is often of very poor quality. The crumbly texture of low quality play-doh makes it very difficult to use and there’s no fun in it! As a result she decided to create a play-doh that is smooth and easy for your child to mould into different shapes and objects. 

Founder: Mariam Rana

As a mother Mariam is always exploring different play-based activities for her child that would help develop her senses and wanted to provide her with play-doh that is sensory and lets a child express their imagination and creativity. Play-doh supports a child’s development in many ways because it engages their curiosity as they create new things and creating with play-doh makes them feel confident in their ideas. It took her six months to perfect her sensory play-doh recipe and once she witnessed how much her child enjoyed playing with it she decided to launch ‘Dear Doh’ so that her innovative product could be accessible to more children.

The sensory play-doh is made in calming colors that are specifically chosen for the soothing effect they can have on a child. The founder is also a child psychologist and therefore recognizes how colors have a very vital role to play in childrens’ sensory experiences. The pastel colors of the dough provide the children with a positive and calming play-experience and the cheerful scents help to stimulate your child’s emotions, senses and memory. 

The play-doh is created with natural ingredients that are completely chemical-free to ensure that this play-based learning is a safe and hygienic experience for children. This type of learning offers freedom of creativity which is why children tend to enjoy it more. Unlike other play-dohs, Dear Doh doesn’t cause a big crumbly mess and this shows its amazing quality. 

This creative method of play allows children to use their senses, enabling them to learn and stay interested in exploring. This approach helps children develop cognitive skills aided by the various scents of Dear Doh such as cotton candy, lemon, strawberry and mango. Children are able to match these scents with foods at home thus helping them learn colours of different fruits or fruit items.

Since the founder is a child psychologist and early years educator, the importance of sensory activities that give children a creative and imaginative experience is the ideology behind Dear Doh. Due to the immense success of the business the brand has expanded into retail and their play-doh is now available in six different store branches around Lahore. For more details visit their instagram page

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