This burger joint has one of the most exciting burgers in Lahore

This burger joint has one of the most exciting burgers in Lahore

October 22, 2021 0
This burger joint has one of the most exciting burgers in Lahore

If you ever find yourself craving a mighty sized burger then visit The Grizzly Burger at their outlets in Askari 10 or AA block DHA Phase 4. These are the biggest baddest burgers in town and they come in various sizes with creative names such as the mighty Grizzly, the polar melt, the black bear bacon and more. With a secret seasoning recipe and patties grilled to the right amount of juiciness, these burgers will have you coming back for more. 

Founded by two Lums graduates, this burger joint was created as a result of a chance encounter with a cafe manager, on a late night search for food. Whilst driving around in Askari 10 co-founders Abdul Basit Javed and Abdullah Bilal came across an empty cafe and to their amusement the waiter told them that nothing on the menu was available. One of the founders jokingly told the waiter to let them rent out the space and who knew that the next day they would be contacted by the manager for a meeting with the owner of the space. The two were offered a deal that was too good to refuse and thus the Grizzly Burger was formed in a small cafe space.

The burger joint has come a long way from its inception and has expanded into two branches in Lahore. Grizzly’s co-founders had a passion for becoming entrepreneurs and the skills they learned at Lums lead them to start their own project that was a manifestation of their passion for entrepreneurship and food. As foodies they wanted to bring their love for new flavours to the people of Lahore and this is what sets their food apart.

The vision was to create a product that had elements of the Grizzly bear, and this reflects in the mighty size of the burger, the fierce flavours and the dynamic assortment of ingredients. 

The brand promises its dedication towards giving its customers a unique tasting experience and will have you becoming a Grizzly loyalist in no time. Check out their menu here: or visit their instagram page for more details

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