This local activewear brand was formed by athletes who understand your training needs

This local activewear brand was formed by athletes who understand your training needs

October 22, 2021 0
This local activewear brand was formed by athletes who understand your training needs

Activewear should be empowering so that you feel strong and confident in your body while you work out. Irongear Fitness gives you exactly that by creating high-performance fitness pieces that help you move freely. What is interesting about this brand is the fact that it was founded by athlete Salman Zafar and a group of other athletes, who understand the need of high quality sportswear to support your intense workouts. They put together their knowledge and experience to create an athleisure line that has some of the most coveted pieces in Pakistan. 

Activewear is an investment and you want to buy pieces that you can integrate in your daily workouts. The designers of Irongear Fitness pay special attention to the form and function of each product in order to support the different workouts of their customers. For male and female gym goers there’s a line of training joggers and leggings that are specifically designed with high-elasticity to stretch with your body and quick drying materials so you are dry throughout your workout. For those who practice yoga, the brand offers yoga pants and tops designed to help you move comfortably during your yoga sequence. People who prefer outdoor workouts like running or walking will also find what they need in the brand’s collection of lightweight shorts and shirts that will leave you feeling airy while you go out for a run.

The brand believes in inclusivity because their products are for both men and women and their size range is wide enough to support body diversity. They’ve also introduced sports hijabs and cover ups for women to make their working out experience more accessible and comfortable. This is a progressive initiative by the brand since it promotes the idea that activewear is for everyone.

Personal and Group Fitness Trainer, Namra Nadeem, praised the brand’s use of high quality and flexible fabric that takes on the shape of one’s body. Her favourite thing about the products is that the tights and joggers are squat proof and this has increased the quality of her workout. She says that the brand has really helped in allowing her to let go of how conscious she felt about her body whilst working out in activewear from other local brands. Irongear Fitness has helped her embrace her body and now she can focus on her workout without worrying about how her body looks in sportswear. 

Irongear Fitness has a variety of products in different silhouettes that one can choose from. It is activewear that understands your body and will flow with your body’s movement. To view their full collection visit their website or instagram page

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