This local brand shot its campaign in Deosai in below freezing temperatures

This local brand shot its campaign in Deosai in below freezing temperatures

October 22, 2021 0
This local brand shot its campaign in Deosai in below freezing temperatures

2021 has been a year of experimentation for Lulusar which is why they were literally on top of the world for their latest fashion campaign that was shot in the Deosai plains; considered as one of the highest plateaus in the world. This collection was inspired by elements of the culture in which Baltistan unravels and what better way to encapsulate this theme than by shooting the campaign at the region’s mesmerising location: Deosai.

In conversation with Fawad Shah, CEO Lulusar, he began to explain the idea: “was to give something new to the people”, and that “nobody has shot a fashion campaign at Deosai until now”. This fearless approach to fashion came at a cost naturally, since shooting at this distant location had its obstacles. Getting to the location was a rigorous process due to there only being rugged mud roads leading up to Deosai. Once the team arrived there they were greeted by freezing winds and flashes of rain.  However, they persevered and shot a captivating campaign against a backdrop of crystal lakes, sun-bleached stretches of land and ice blue skies. 

IKAT was the inspiration behind designing this collection, a technique native to the region of Baltistan. The collection depicts fashion intersecting with culture and this is what makes it vital and modern. Models were draped in fiery oranges, cranberry pinks and striking blues, creating a stunning effect against the muted yet surreal backdrop of Deosai.

BTS image of models

The Head of Design at Lulusar, Muniba Rashid, describes the process: “the day we started shooting the natural light was amazing which helped us bring out the true essence of the collection / one magical thing about Deosai is you get to experience different weather moods at the same time, so during the same day we got to shoot in soft light, bright sun, as well as thick clouds, and we had the edge of the wind as well which gave the outfits the flow and movement that was required to look as good as they do in this campaign”. Hamna Khalid and Shayan Haider, Creative Manager and Fashion Photographer respectively, emphasized how the designs were created whilst keeping the Deosai color palette in mind. The location was a major theme in the overall looks of the models and elements from the surrounding landscape were incorporated into the shoot aesthetics.

When it comes to styling, the team went for natural looks that would not clash with the already overpowering location. Models wore their hair in soft waves and their makeup was kept natural with nude lips and fluffy brows.

Their collection is now live on their website: and instagram page

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