This magazine promotes artists from all around Pakistan and it’s run by teens!

This magazine promotes artists from all around Pakistan and it’s run by teens!

October 22, 2021 0
This magazine promotes artists from all around Pakistan and it’s run by teens!

‘Biscuit Digest’ is a Pakistani arts and literary magazine that is available in print! This is an exciting development in our local art scene and encourages the idea of what can be called a revolution of the arts. The magazine offers a platform to Pakistani artists and creatives where they can share their talent with like minded individuals. In terms of design the team merges visually engaging art with written pieces to give the best possible experience to their readers. You have art and you have poetry and prose running side by side, which makes reading the magazine a vivid experience. 

Their first issue introduces the theme of ‘dreams’ or ‘khwaab’ and artists were given the freedom to depict how they interpret or perceive their dreams. Submissions ranged from abstract art pieces to written descriptions of bizarre dreams.  

One section of the magazine introduces a feature article based on an artist and this is an excellent way to provide representation to the hard work and creative process of different artists. It is also a good way to give a deeper insight into an artist or creative individual who has not yet received significant recognition due to the stigma attached to art in our society. 

In conversation with the team at Biscuit Digest, they described the process that led them to publish their magazine in print. Converting an online magazine into print was a challenging journey but it was the positive response from their audience that eventually convinced them to launch a print version,“ as for the print version, we received multiple pre orders before the release date, and many were buying copies online after the release from the MyBagPack website”. Lahoris can get their hands on this magazine at Readings, Liberty Books, Ferozsons and Paramount. 

The team behind this artistic endeavour is entirely female and aged in their teenage years. This is pleasantly surprising since it gives inspiration to young women to develop their ideas and take the bold step of taking these ideas out into the world. Buy or read their first issue here: or visit their instagram page for updates

Minahil Malik
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