This local brand is selling face masks for all your specific skin concerns

This local brand is selling face masks for all your specific skin concerns

October 25, 2021 0
This local brand is selling face masks for all your specific skin concerns

Local skincare brand Arine has got you covered for self-care sunday, which is a great skincare habit for those who have a busy week and a low maintenance skincare routine. The brand features three face masks, the ‘glow on the go mask’, the ‘rejuvenating mud mask’ and ‘restorative clay mask’, all three created to target different skin concerns and needs. These masks are perfect for those who like to marinate in a moment of self-love and as mental health experts say it is important to prioritise yourself every now and then. 

Now that we’re entering winter, the dry weather can leave our complexions feeling dull. Thankfully certain face-masks can help wield instantaneous magic to bring your skin back to its refreshed state. Face-masks are an excellent way to get instant results after your skin has been strained by travelling or a long week of work. Arine’s masks target everything from redness, dehydration to uneven skin tone. 

If you’re looking for a skin brightening treat then try the ‘glow on the go mask’ which contains vitamin C to target dull skin. The ‘restorative clay mask’ works deep within the pores for those with oily skin and helps balance your skin’s sebum production. For a weekly detoxifying treatment use their ‘rejuvenating mud mask’ made with deep sea mud that will cleanse your congested pores. 

The brand also sells face massage products such as the gua sha stone and facial roller in both Jade and Rose Quartz. Facial massage is a great post face-mask routine because it activates blood flow within your skin and helps your moisturisers, serums or face oils absorb better. 

Arine’s masks retail at Rs. 750 for 50 g and Rs. 1050 for 100g, and you will feel like you’re buying magic at a reasonable price point. The face massage products retail for Rs 2550 in Jade and Rs 2750 in Rose Quartz. Instead of ordering expensive products from western brands, try out Arine, a local skincare brand that has some fabulous products that are worth the buy! Buy their products online here:

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