6 places in Lahore that have gluten-free options for a sweet treat

6 places in Lahore that have gluten-free options for a sweet treat

October 28, 2021 0
6 places in Lahore that have gluten-free options for a sweet treat

It’s great to see home-based businesses diversify their menu by adding gluten-free options. A lot of people have made the switch to gluten-free and food businesses are now catering to their needs. Making the switch doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a scrumptious dessert every now and then! We have put together a list of 5 places in Lahore that deliver gluten-free treats:

Gluten Free Cookies by Chef Monster
  1. Chef Monster is a home-based bakery that sells fresh sweet and savoury items. They have a separate gluten-free menu for cookies and brownies:

    Chocolate chip cookies  – 125 each (6 minimum)
    Chocolate chunk cookies – 150 each (6 minimum) 
    Chocolate cookies – 100 each (6 minimum) 
    Double chocolate chip cookies – 115 each (6 minimum)
    Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 175 each (6 minimum)
    Fudge Brownies – 200 per piece (4 minimum)
    Chunk brownies – 225 per piece (4 minimum)
    Nutty brownies- 250 per piece ( 4 minimum)


2. Frosting Forest has a special keto box of assorted gluten-free goodies. The box consists of almond brownies, almond bread, almond chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip cookies. You can also order these products separately so place your orders now via instagram. Keto bread priced at Rs. 1600/loaf, keto brownies priced at Rs. 400 each, keto cookies priced at Rs. 225 each.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frostingforest_/

The Healthy Cake Basket has a gluten-free menu that features cakes, cup-cakes, brownies, cookies and more! Visit their instagram page to view the full menu. Cake prices start from Rs. 2300, chocolate peanut butter cookies priced at Rs. 185 per piece. Other items start from Rs. 165.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehealthycakebasket/

Cakewise has a wide range of gluten free products. Their keto marble pound cake is priced at Rs. 800 for 300g and Rs. 1200 for 500g. Visit their instagram page for the full menu of gluten-free products. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cakewise_by_cyra/

Homemade Cuisine have recently opened their outlet opposite Emporium Mall’s gate 1. The brand produces a wide range of gluten-free products ranging from gluten-free flour, snacks to desserts. Visit their instagram page or shop online from their website. Gluten-free Brownies priced at Rs. 100, Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies Rs. 360/200g. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homemadecuisine1/

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