Instagram banned ProperGaanda AGAIN?

Instagram banned ProperGaanda AGAIN?

November 17, 2021 0
Instagram banned ProperGaanda AGAIN?

What you need to know:

Firstly, ProperGaanda is a millennial run digital startup that gained +94K followers over a period of four years.

Secondly, ProperGaanda is known to use their platform for ‘taboo topics’ such as minority rights. The Team at ProperGaanda takes pride in using their well established platform to share YOUR story.


Most of the reports on ProperGaanda’s platform started getting flagged and taken down during the time of TLP protest. ProperGaanda has reason to believe that TLP supporters flagged the coverage by ProperGaanda. As the supporters flagged the page, Instagram mistook us for ‘supporting a dangerous organisation’.


The Instagram account of Propergaanda has been getting flagged for ‘copyright violations’ despite the sources being given due credit.

Ena Murakami
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