#OpenProperGaanda: Instagram bans digital media agency

#OpenProperGaanda: Instagram bans digital media agency

November 17, 2021 0

What happened:

Millennial-run digital channel, ProperGaanda is always in support of reporting news based on facts, they believe in user-generated stories as it the sole aim of ProperGaanda; to elevate the voice of the youth.

Unfortunately, their Instagram account with a following of 94k has been disabled because it was reported on weak grounds of ‘copyright infringement’.


Since 2018, ProperGaanda has helped many people speak up for their rights and justice, and they believe their audience will verify this. Back in August, the page was shut down while they were reporting the situations in Afghanistan, the admin assures that even back then, they were really careful about reporting on such a sensitive issue. Thankfully they were able to restore the platform.

Then once again, recently in October, their posts started being flagged and reported amid the TLP protests. The ProperGaanda team testifies to the fact that they’ve never let bias get in the middle of reporting such complicated situations and always stood by the basic ethics of journalism, but nevertheless Instagram kept warning them about community guidelines that they didn’t violate.

It’s difficult to promote and practice freedom of speech in Pakistan, but the team still stands by their aim and aare always willing to be all in, just so they can provide an open platform to the youth of our country.

Why it matters:

Whether it’s a time-sensitive news or an easy-to-read feature story, ProperGaanda wants to continue to serve the community. They are calling out for their followers’ help in getting their platform back so that they can continue to become your voice. ‘As a digital media agency, there are many pits and bumps that are yet to come our way, but we are willing to overcome them if you become our support in the time of such crisis,’ says the PG Team.

Mahnoor Tariq
Mahnoor Tariq
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