Iraqi court allows a 12 years old girl’s marriage

Iraqi court allows a 12 years old girl’s marriage

November 23, 2021 0

What happened:

According to reports, an Iraqi court has allowed a 12 years old girl’s marriage to a man who is 25 years old. During the hearing of the case, the young girl was married to her stepmother’s brother. It is pertinent to know that the legal age of marriage in Iraq is 18 and can be lowered to fifteen in parental and judicial consent cases.


The court’s hearing has caused an uproar as social activists took to the streets in Iraq. On the other hand, Iraq’s Interior Ministry for Violence against Women has claimed that the young girl won’t be forced into marriage. The Iraqi court has adjourned the hearing till the 28th of November.

Image credits: Arab Newsweekly.


At the same time, the Iraqi activists have protested outside the Baghdad court. The activists chanted, “The marriage of minors is a crime against childhood.” Also, the human rights activists held placards in support of the minor. Reportedly, child marriages in Arab countries are a common practice, especially in the rural areas of Iraq. 

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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