What happened:

The PPDA had announced a nationwide closure of fuel stations from the 25th of November. The Pakistani Petroleum Dealers Association had announced a strike over the government’s failure to increase the dealer’s profit margin. However, the petroleum ministry’s spokesperson has claimed otherwise. At the same time, the spokesperson quoted by a publication as, “People don’t need to worry.”

Image credits: Runway Pakistan.


The ministry’s spokesperson has claimed that petrol pumps of all the companies will remain open on the 25th of November. He added, “Oil tankers have been dispatched for ensuring the uninterrupted oil supply.” On the 24th of November, many petrol stations across the country witnessed long queues as citizens tried to get their vehicle’s fuel tanks filled up. The uncertainty around the petrol stations being open or closed on the 25th of November continues. The Pakistan State Oil, a state-owned fuel company, had already decided to operate their stations despite the call for a strike by the association. 


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