What happened:

An American man Kevin Strickland spent 43 years at Missouri’s Correctional facility. He was wrongfully convicted in 1979 for three murders. Kevin is now 62 years old and was wrongfully convicted at the age of 18. He has always claimed that he was watching TV and had no relationship with the murders. Missouri Court of Appeals Judge James Welsh requested the prosecutor to withdraw the case against him and request his release. James Welsh also claimed that no physical evidence linked Kevin to the murder.

Image via CNN.


 Kevin’s family has also expressed their satisfaction after his release. They stated, “This brings justice finally to a man who has tragically suffered so greatly.” After leaving the Correctional centre Kevin said he would try his best to prevent this from happening to others. Kevin suggested that the “criminal justice system needs to be torn down and redone.” It is pertinent to know that Kevin had received a 50-year life sentence without parole. Kevin Strickland’s confinement is history’s longest wrongful imprisonment in America. Kevin was watching an opera on his TV in the prison when he got the news of his release. 

Image via NPR org.

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