Apart from the cultural and historical heritage of Lahore, what makes the claim “Jinnay Lahore ni wekhya oh jammya hi nahi” (One who hasn’t visited Lahore hasn’t really taken birth yet) true, is the food of Lahore. There’s obviously a reason why Lahore’s food has a separate name, i.e ‘Lahori Khabbay’. But we know most of you probably haven’t tried these famous dishes of Lahore that your Chachas and Phuphos talk about when reminiscing their childhood, and don’t know what the hype is about. So swipe for 5 Lahori foods that you must eat in order to become a true Lahori!


Katlamma, also known as the Pakistani Pizza, is a desi dish made out with a big round dough that is marinated with a tomato and chili paste and topped with various spices and sometimes lentil too. It is deep fried in oil instead of being baked and the result is a mouth-watering super yummy savory dish that is for any day of the deal. And we really mean any meal. A single standard sized Katlama is fit to feed 3-4 average people. It is quite common in and around the Bazaars (markets) in Old Lahore. The best tasting Katlamais found at thaelas and rehris but if you’re someone who can’t have street food like that then we suggest Taj Mahal Sweets.

Laddu Peethi

Laddu Peethi is an authentic Punjabi sweet and savory dish very similar to Dahi Bhallay in appearance but quite different and unique when it comes to taste. A wide range of ingredients go into this dish including yellow and white lentils, red chili, turmeric, carom seeds, garlic, coriander, roasted cumin and salt. The batter is mixed and then fried to make the laddu which is then served in imli ki chatni (sauce made with plum and apricot) Although native to Punjab, it is still rare to find. Laddu Peethi being on a restaurant menu is unheard of and you’ll only find them at on thaelas. The best Laddu Peethi is found at the thaelas near Neela Gumbad. It’s a tough task getting there but we bet you it will be worth it.


Andrassay is a sweet dish originating initially from Kasur. However being in close proximity, the city of Lahore stole the dish and started passing it on as its own at some point in history. It is prepared with sweetened bred made out of rice flour and wheat mixed with ricotta cheese and cardamom powder. Once fried it becomes this crispy sweet bite sized nuggets that will make your mouth crave for more and more.

Rabri Falooda

Rabri Falooda is yet another sweet dish originally from Kasur that is found all around Lahore too. The basic ingredients that go into this dish are curdled milk, rose essence syrup and corn-starch noodles. Nowadays some places serve it with a variety of syrups and icecream topped with jellies and nuts giving the dish an array of colors as impressive as its taste, if not more. It is not hard to find this around Lahore and you’ll see Rabri Falooda at almost every other juice corner or sweet shop, but if you’re looking for the hands down best in town head over to MashAllah Nafees Kasuri Faluda on Ferozepur Road, Samnabad Town.

Bong Paye

Bong Paye is the typical Lahori Sunday breakfast/brunch item. A savory dish prepared with bong (shank) and paye (hooves) of a goat, cow or buffalo, Bong Paye is a dish that will have you hooked from the first bite. It is cooked in water in a pressure cooker usually well over a night to really get that perfect consistency of the stew, and for the meat and marrow to completely melt away from the bone. The result is an oily thick broth that has a taste like no other dish. Bong Paye is the McCrispy of Lahore, and you’ll find good tasting versions of it all around Lahore.


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