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5 cheap fast food places near LSE that fit a student’s budget

People of LSE! Are you tired of having food from ‘The Corner Store’ and ‘Paratha and Karak’ yet? But also don’t want to go to Phase 6 because these places fit your student budget? Worry no more because here is a list of 5 places near LSE where you can get a fast food meal for under Rs.400.

Food Garage

Food Garage serves Paninis/Sandwiches, Burgers, Wraps, Fries and even 6 types of PANCAKES!

Sandwiches are priced between Rs.190-360

Wraps are priced between Rs.230-320

Pancakes are priced between Rs.290-380

Burgers are priced between Rs.260-540

Their Zinger is priced at just Rs.99.

Location: New Food Street Paragon City Gate No 2, Barki Rd, Block D Park View CHS, Lahore


Foodeez is serving Burgers, Sandwiches, Fried Chicken, Shawarma, Paratha Rolls and even 7 types of  starters.

Burgers are priced between Rs.200-320 (Chicken and Beef)

Sandwiches are priced between Rs.250-280

Fried Chicken are priced between Rs.180-750 (depending on bucket size)

Shawarmas are priced between Rs.120-220

Paratha Rolls are priced between Rs.120-160

Location: Opposite Gate # 2 Paragon City, Barki Road Lahore

Best Bite Cafe

Best Bite Café offers Burgers, Shawarmas, Paratha Roll, Biryani, BBQ and Fish (you might want to save the fish for just weekends since it costs over 500).

Burgers are priced between Rs.80-370

Shawarmas are priced between Rs.100-180

Paratha Rolls are priced between Rs.160-230

BBQ items are priced between Rs.80-150

Location: Barki Road, Klass Mari village, Near Paragon city, Lahore

The Tea House

The Tea House serves Burgers, Sandwiches, Parathas, and Pizzas.

Burgers are priced between Rs.200-460

Parathas (with fillings) are priced between Rs.200-3400

Pizzas are priced between Rs.400-900 (Small-Large)

Location: Opposite Paragon city, Gate 2, Food Street Lahore


Timmy’s is serving Fried Chicken, Burgers and other chicken items (nugget, tenders, grilled wings etc.)

Burgers are priced between Rs.240-390

Fried Chicken is priced between Rs.150-990 (depending on bucket size).

Grilled Wings are priced between Rs.260-390

Nuggets are priced between Rs.250-390

Location: 101 Street IH-5, Imperial Garden Homes Paragon City, Lahore


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