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5 beard oils available online in Pakistan

Men grooming products have recently grown in popularity with the introduction of beard grooming and styling products. The most popular among these new range of products are beard oils used for both nourishing and styling beards. Here is a list of 5 such beard oils available in Pakistan.

Dari Mooch Cedar Wood Oil

Dari Mooch Cedar Wood Oil stops beard ruff and itch, makes beard look shiny, gives it a softer and smoother feel, keeps facial hair flake free and gives it a fresh woody smell. You can purchase it through their website or at Imtiaz and Alfatah.


Go Natural Beard Oil

Go Natural Beard Oil is composed mainly of carrier and essential oils. It acts similar to the natural oils produced by then skin and keeps the beard soft, shiny and smooth meanwhile promoting hair growth in bald patches in the beard. Available at


SAC Professional Beard Oil

SAC Professional Beard Oil has good quality graded combination of Natural Oils which enhance hair growth as well as opens pores to allow growth of new hair. It is available for purchase online at


By My Beard Oil

By My Beard Oil is imported from the UK. The oil is designed to ensure a thick and shiny beard. Its original price is Rs.1200 but is available for a sale price of Rs.550 on currently.


Dr. Rashel Beard Oil

Dr. Rashel Beard Oil is another imported oil designed for beard growth and styling. It is available at a price of Rs.799 on



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