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What happened:

Federal Investigation Agency’s cybercrime wing has arrested several actors for filming female stage dancers. The arrested suspect had allegedly secretly filmed stage dancers while they were changing clothes. FIA’s cybercrime wing took action after the theatre owner of Shalimar theatres located at Bhatta Chowk Lahore initiated a complaint.


Reports suggest that the renowned theatre performer and comedian Kashif Chan had recorded the videos of a female stage dancer. In contrast, Kashif has claimed that he made the videos at the request of other stage actors, Imran Shouki and Khusboo Khan. While FIA’s cybercrime wing also recovered the alleged video from Kashif Chan’s phone.


Days before, on the 4th of December, Shalimar theatre’s owner, Malik Tariq, said that the theatre administration recorded the actors and requested FIA to intervene. On the other hand, the accused has claimed that other actors forced him to record the video. At the same time, Malik Tariq, while clarifying his position, stated that he was the one who helped in searching for the real accused.


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