What happened:

A female military officer was arrested for accepting a marriage proposal while she was on duty and the Nigerian army says, “Her conduct was prejudicial to good order and military discipline.” A trainee offered the Nigerian female military officer a marriage proposal in the government’s National Youth Service Corps and she accepted it. 


After the marriage proposal video went viral, the Nigerian army took action and arrested the officer. Gen Clement Nwachukwu, a spokesperson for the military, said, “The trainer’s task was to train the youth corps members and not to indulge in amorous relationships with any of them.” Her suspension also received criticism from the different sections of Nigeria as Nigeria’s former presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore, said, “This is a display of misogynistic mindset by the army.”


However, the female military officer is yet to be released. The Women Empowerment group of Nigeria has accused the army of ignoring male soldiers who engage in a public display of lustful relationships in military uniform.


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