What happened:

Pakistan’s 2nd largest province Punjab reported 1011 road accidents in the last 24 hours on 26th December and above ten people were killed as a result. According to a report, 1016 were injured in all these accidents and out of this, 576 were in critical condition. While 440 citizens sustained minor injuries and were only treated by the onsite rescue officials.


 According to an analysis by the publication, revealed that out of the 1011 incidents, 46 road accidents involved underage drivers and among 1016 injured 136 were pedestrians. The provincial capital reported the most road accidents upon dividing it into cities 22. 


The 22 road accidents in Lahore affected 220 persons and 78 road accidents occurred in Multan with 74 victims. Whereas, 72 road accidents claimed 76 victims in Faisalabad. At the same time, it is pertinent to mention that on 26th December, Lahore was once again ranked as the most polluted city and the flight operations in the provincial capital were also affected.


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