What happened:

During a ceremony on December 31 which was held to approve Rs100 billion for the ‘Mera Pakistan, Mera Ghar’ initiative, Prime Minister Imran Khan praised bankers for communicating in Urdu with their customers, “The staff should also start wearing shalwar kameez, it won’t frighten people.”


The premiere went on about how there were several hurdles earlier, “When a common person would go to the bank, they would suffer from anxiety.” He believes that Pakistan is now moving in the ‘direction’ it should have been headed for a long time ago.” Imran Khan further added that the past governments did not focus on the lower classes as they had only paid attention to the elite class in every sector including education, health, and other facilities.


In his interview with Al-Jazeera on December 18, anchor, Ola al Fares asked Prime Minister Imran Khan that why he always dresses up in shalwar kameez to which he replied, “I represent the people of Pakistan, not the westernized elite.”


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