What happened:

On Dec 30, 2021, Billy Greyson, a nine-year old boy in the United Kingdom, was able to get an ‘Iron-Man’ bionic arm for himself, thanks to a generous donation of £10,000 made by a mystery man.


Billy wanted his arm to heal as he was born with a congenital upper limb deficit, which means his right arm is shorter than his left and has restricted mobility. He had always hoped to go fishing with his father and “be like his pals.” The boy’s 49 year-old mother named Donna discovered OpenBionics, a leading prosthetics company that could create a high-tech limb for her son. However, she was obliged to fundraise due to the expense, but was astounded when an anonymous donor later donated $10,000 to them. Donna claimed Billy was “over the moon” and his confidence had “boomed” after they recently installed the device.

What else:

Donna stated that Billy wears the Iron-Man arm to school everyday, “When he got it, he said it felt like Christmas. It was everything he had longed for. Speaking to a publication, the boy’s mother also disclosed that Billy is now learning how to use the arm to attain his goals, including fishing, which is one of his favourite hobbies.


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