What happened:

After featuring in two Spider-Man movies, the 38-year-old British-American actor Andrew Garfield has hinted at returning to the big screen as the Amazing Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield played the character of Peter Parker back in 2014 and said, “Peter and Spider-Man, those characters are all about service, to the greater good and the many.” At the same time, in an interview with Variety, the 38 year old said, “I would be definitely open to something if it felt right.” 


 Andrew Garfield in the interview said that he wants to adapt Peter Parker’s ethical framework and said, “If there was an opportunity to step back in and tell more of that story, I would have to feel very sure and certain in myself.” 

What else:

At the international box office, Spider-Man: No Way Home, made nearly 600 million dollars as its global revenues jumped up to over a million. At the same time, the movie became the first pandemic-era movie to smash one billion dollars milestone globally.


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