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ForTheLoveOfFood Karachi Eat Returns With More Than 100 Eateries

The city of lights will be witnessing it’s biggest food festival at Beach View Park from Jan 14 to Jan 16 after a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, but we’re still not sure if it’s worth it, as of now, Karachi is the bullseye of the new Omicron strain and has a positivity ratio of 28%. 

Trust me when I say this, I was a big K-Eat fanatic myself, I’d attend the festival every year religiously, and I am not exaggerating, I would actually save up two months before the event because well, the ticket and food expenses that K-Eat offers were a little heavy on my pocket, yikes! Anyway, the remorse would fade away when Khao Dosa’s  heavenly aloo dosa would melt in my mouth. Peak ‘Ratatouille’ moment. Good days. 

Okay, now let’s snap back to reality! I get it, people are done with Covid-19 ruining every other fun thing to do in Pakistan, but we don’t have a choice. Although the organizers ensured strict SOPs, but are you honestly telling me, an event that witnesses around 1lac people a day (Yes, 1 lac. I kid you not) at a huge venue, and not a single of them will take off their mask at some point? Not a single one of them will bring their kid to the festival? Not a single one of them would sneeze or cough through the entire day? 

Risking your life for a few hours of feasting doesn’t exactly sound smart. Health is wealth, guys or as our moms say it, “Jaan hai tou jahaan hai.”



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