What happened:

After the recent hearing of the Noor Mukadam case on Jan 17, where the primary accused, Zahir Jaffer, was carried to the court on a chair as his counsel informed the judge that “his mental state has gotten worse,” Pakistanis took to Twitter once again and started a trend of #JusticeforNoor as they went on about how nobody is buying his ‘acting’ and demand a swift verdict of death sentence for Zahir Jaffer.

What else:

The microblog run by Noor Mukadam’s friends, Justice for Noor (@justicefor_noor) re-shared the videos, dated back to Oct 14, 2021 in which Zahir took responsibility for killing Noor and disclosed that his father asked him to ‘get rid of her.’ While sharing a thread of past videos in which Zahir is either claiming ‘yeh hua tha mere hathon se’ or he is crediting the case as a ‘big joke,’ the microblog stated: “Sharing these videos again to remind everyone. We won’t forgive and won’t forget. InshaAllah justice will prevail #JusticeforNoor.”


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