What happened:

On January 18, a medical board formed by the Punjab Government termed former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports as “incomplete.” The medical board reviewed the submitted medical reports of the PML-N leader before submitting their information to the federal government. 


At the same time, the medical board claimed that the medical documents only have details of the correspondence between the former prime minister and his doctors. No authentic reports regarding the health issues faced by Nawaz Sharif are part of the medical reports. The News quotes the medical board as, “The majority of the board members said that how can the doctors give assessment when the original reports are missing.” Subsequently, reports suggest that the federal government will now devise a plan to bring back the former prime minister and initiate legal proceedings against the guarantor Shahbaz Sharif. 


On January 14, the federal cabinet decided to form a medical board to examine Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports that were submitted to the Lahore High Court. CM Usman Buzdar’s spokesperson, Hassan Khawar, confirmed the news and revealed the names of the doctors that were included: Dr Khadija Irfan, Dr Moona Azizi, Dr Bilal S Mohi-ud-Din, Dr Mohammad Arif, Dr Ghias-un-Tayyab and Dr Shafiq-ur-Rehman.


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