What happened:

An Essex woman named Rachael Lawrence was checking in with the vet about her other cat when she heard her eight months missing cat in the background. The cat identified as Barnaby was lost nearly eight months ago, and during the phone call with the vet, Rachael heard the distinctive cry of her cat in the background. However, the vet later denied it and told Rachael that it was a stray cat. 


BBC quotes Racheal as, “Later, I called them back and asked for details of the cat as it was bugging me.” At the same time, the UK woman was sure and told the vet details of her cat that had a white patch on his back feet. Subsequently, when the two were reunited, Rachael said, “I cried. I am talking snot bubble cries. I was howling. We had not seen him for eight months.” 


 Rachael Lawrence claimed that her cat’s health had deteriorated and was “All skinny and missing fur.” While talking to BBC, she added, “We just need to fatten him up to get him back to Fatman. But he was more than happy to be picked and cuddled.” 


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