What happened:

After completing her MBBS, Sarah said, “I want to tell the transgender community not to lose hope. If I can become a doctor, then you can work hard and be successful.” The 23-year-old, on January 18, made history by becoming the country’s first transgender doctor as she was able to pass the final examination of MBBS from Karachi University. Dunya News quotes Sarah Gill: “I wanted to make Pakistan famous and my parents have also accepted me after I became a doctor.” 


At the same time, Sarah advised the parents not to throw their “transgender children out of their houses because of societal pressure,” as The News quotes the first trans doctor of Pakistan, “Stop throwing your children out of the houses.” It is pertinent to mention that the reports suggest the transgender community in Pakistan faces numerous discriminations and finds it hard to get employment chances. 


 However, in her message to the youth, Sarah Gill said, “No one can stop you from achieving something if you are passionate about it. It is just the start, and things will get better in the future for the trans community in Pakistan.” 


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