What happened:

Pakistan Peoples Party’s Sharmila Faruqi has approached FIA’s Cybercrime Wing against the actor and host Nadia Khan for recording a video with Sharmila’s mother and as Sharmila stated, “She is a shameless woman..” It is pertinent to mention that Nadia Khan had recorded a video with Anisa Faruqi and asked her about the makeup she was wearing and where she learned the makeup. 


Subsequently, Sharmila expressed her displeasure in a tweet and hinted at approaching the Federal Investigation Agency against Nadia. The News quoted Sharmila as, “She is shameless and heartless and it is very very unfortunate. I have a lot of respect for people in showbizz, they work really hard.” At the same time, the PPP leader stated, “Even if there was someone else in place of my mother, I would have taken action.” 

What’s happening now:

 On January 20, the PPP lawmaker submitted an application with FIA’s Cybercrime Wing against Nadia. ARY News quotes the cybercrime wing head, Imran Riaz as, “FIA has initiated legal action against TV celebrity Nadia over Faruqui’s complaint.” Whereas, Sharmila has also hinted at approaching the court against Nadia Khan as she will file a contempt case against the celebrity. 


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