What happened:

A 19 year-old boy named Rhys Langford only has a few months to live but is fulfilling his “last wish” by assisting in the fundraising efforts for a six year-old boy, Jacob, who is also battling cancer. Langford donated £1,000 and raised more than £28,000 after learning about the little boy’s disease.

Back story:

In Oct 2020, Langford of Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and rang the bell in Oct, 2021 as he completed his treatment. Langford learned last month that his cancer returned and spread across his body even more viciously than before, giving him only months to live. On the other hand, Jacob was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2017 and was declared cancer-free the following year after therapy. However, his parents found out in Dec, 2021 that a new malignant tumor had grown on his liver.

The fundraiser:

Langford’s mother, Catherine, said the money raised through the fundraising campaign will be used to help Jacob, who is also battling a rare disease. “It takes my breath away that Rhys is thinking of a tiny boy like that, even though he himself has been struggling with his prognosis,” she said. She further quoted Rhys: “If they can’t rescue me, perhaps I can help save little Jacob and give him his life back,” calling it her son’s last wish.


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