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What happened:

According to an internal Microsoft email to its executive team, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s son, Zain Nadella passed away on Feb 28. The 26-year-old was born with cerebral palsy, which, a spectrum of illnesses that affects a person’s ability to walk, balance, and maintain posture.


The Zain Nadella Endowed Chair in Paediatric Neurosciences, part of Seattle Children’s Center for Integrative Brain Research, was established in collaboration with the Nadellas at Children’s Hospital, where Zain got the majority of his treatment. “Zain will be remembered for his eclectic taste in music, his brilliant sunny grin, and the enormous joy he provided to his family and all those who loved him,” Children’s Hospital CEO, Jeff Sperring, wrote in a message to his board.

What else:

Microsoft has previously been guided by Nadella to develop and design solutions that can assist people with disabilities. He frequently referred to the lessons he learned from raising and supporting his son, “As his parents, it was up to us not to ponder “why,” but instead to do everything we could to better his life,” Nadella wrote in a 2017 essay titled ‘The moment that forever changed our lives.’


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