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What happened:

On 19 March, Ertugral actress, Esra Bilgic, who is popularly known as Halima Sultan, took to her Instagram account where she shared her Victoria’s Secret ad campaign. The collaboration was in regards to promoting their recent lingerie collection, ‘Love Cloud.’ The huge Pakistan fan-following was quick to notice the video and expressed their disappointment in Bilgic for showing ‘too much skin’ as she once played the role of a Muslim woman.

Click here to see the comments of ‘unhappy fans.’


As the moral police flocked to the comment section, criticising the actress for her choice of project, Pakistani actress and VJ, Anoushey Ashraf (@anousheyashraf) wrote on her Instagram story, “Why don’t men just unfollow her?” Sociologist, Nida Kirmani (@nidkirm) said on her Twitter account, “Pakistani men get butthurt when they see their favorite actress in a bra & yet the same men put Pakistan at the top in terms of porn consumption year after year.”


This isn’t the first time Bilgiç has been subjected to unjustified criticism. She gave a courteous shut-up call to those humiliating her last year after months of relentless moral policing on her personal images, ranging from remarks about her attire to how she must carry herself with dignity and respect according to her on-screen persona. “Let me give you some advice: Please don’t follow me,” she wrote. 



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