What happened:

Each day, a unique method pops up to cut down petroleum prices; this time, a group of Florida men hacked gas pumps with homemade gadgets to cut costs. However, they were later arrested by the local police. It has been reported that the cost of fuel has reached its highest on record in Florida, and a surge in other related products has been reported. On March 23, a group of seven Florida residents was arrested in separate operations by the police on fraud charges.


 Whereas, the Florida Department of Agriculture brought the group to the police’s attention as they began investigating the organized group using fuel pump pulsar manipulation devices on different pumps. The group used pulsar devices and counterfeit cards to steal more than 28,000 gallons of fuel, later resold. 


IndependentUK quotes the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner as, “With gas prices hitting record highs, fuel theft can further drive up costs for all consumers.” At the same time, the social media users called the group of Florida men heroes as one of them wrote, “Not the heroes we deserve, but the heroes we need.”


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