Image: Mashable India

What happened:

An image of a book page featuring the “pros and cons” of the dowry system has gone viral, prompting people to wonder what sort of message such reading material is delivering to children and society at large. The page includes a section under the subhead “Merits of Dowry,” in which it states that dowry could help parents to marry off their ‘ugly-looking’ girls. 


The chapter happens to be from T K Indrani’s ‘Textbook of Sociology for Nurses.’ The book is a reading resource for nursing students, and it is written according to the Indian Nursing Council syllabus, according to the cover. However, the publication issued a statement, saying it “strongly opposes any insulting content that is contrary to the prevailing law of the land.” 

What’s next:

Retired Mumbai college professor Mangal Gogte demanded that the publishers immediately take all copies of the book from the market, remove the offending chapter, and then only allow the book to be used.


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