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What happened:

A group of Japanese researchers has developed computerized chopsticks that enhance the tastebuds of those people who need to reduce sodium intake in their diets. The Meiji University professor Homei Miyashita and Kirin Holdings Co. developed the electric chopsticks and an electrical stimulator and mini-computer worn on a wrist.


The electrical chopsticks use an electrical current to transmit the sodium ions from food to the mouth, where a sense of saltiness is created, and as a Japanese researcher said, “As a result, the salty taste enhances 1.5 times.” It is pertinent to mention that the same researcher also developed a lickable TV screen so that carious food flavors can be imitated. Reuters reported, “The taste-enhancing chopsticks may be particularly relevant in Japan, where the traditional diet favors salty tastes.” 


However, the Japanese researchers have said, “To prevent the diseases linked to sodium, we need to reduce the amount of salt we take. If we try to avoid conventionally taking less salt, we would need to endure the pain of cutting our favorite food from our diet.” 


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