What happened:

Pakistan’s current Finance Minister, Miftah Ismail, on April 21, disclosed the details of Khan’s traveling to the PM Office via helicopter, and a shocking figure of 550 million rupees was quoted in the media. Miftah Ismail subsequently claimed, “Imran Khan’s helicopter commute from his Bani Gala home to the PM Secretariat cost the national exchequer 550 million Pakistani rupees in three years and eight months.” 


It was previously reported that the former prime minister used to travel daily on his helicopter from Bani Gala to the PM’s house, and reports revealed, “Money was spent on the fuel consumed by the helicopter.” Previously, while talking about Khan’s commuting, the information minister said, “The commute on helicopter merely costs Rs. 55 per kilometer.” On the other hand, Miftah Ismail claimed that he had documented evidence to back his claims and said, “PTI has also left a huge circular debt in the power sector and created Rs 400 billion circular debt in the natural gas sector.” 


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