Florida bride and caterer arrested for lacing wedding food with marijuana

Florida bride and caterer arrested for lacing wedding food with marijuana

April 23, 2022 0

What happened:

As per their arrest warrants, a Florida bride named Danya Shea Svoboda and her wedding caterer, Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant, were arrested on Apr 22 for lacing wedding food with marijuana which made several guests sick.


The 42 year-old bride and 31 year-old caterer have been charged with culpable negligence, marijuana delivery, breaching Florida’s Anti-Tampering Act.

Back story:

According to both the affidavits, when Seminole County deputies arrived at a Longwood community clubhouse on Feb 19, numerous wedding attendees were being treated by county fire rescue workers for “symptoms consistent with someone who has consumed illegal substances.”

When a deputy questioned Danya and her husband, Andrew Svoboda, if they had requested or consented to the cannabis-infused meal, Andrew “stared at him with a blank expression for a few moments before stuttering ‘no.'”

The investigation:

Officers collected the food and glassware from the wedding venue which included a beer glass, lasagna, and desserts.The records state that the lasagna eventually tested positive for THC.

A guest’s account:

The documents state one of the guests’ accounts that when she asked Svoboda whether “she had put marijuana in the olive oil” because she started feeling ‘high,’ Svoboda responded “yes” and “acted excited”

Mahnoor Tariq
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