What happened:

Former prime minister Imran Khan in an interview with Shaan Shahid claimed that a campaign against him his going to start initiated by the Sharif family. Khan further stated that fifth-generation warfare has been commenced against him, as he claims, “PMLN and PPP have hired companies to produce fake videos to tarnish my reputation.” Talking about the Sharifs and PPP, Imran Khan said, “They attack because these families have been involved in corruption for the last 35 years..” 


In his interview with Shaan Shahid, Khan accused the Sharif family of being involved in mafia politics and, “The Sharif family is preparing to launch a campaign against me. Now that Eid is over, you will see that they are fully prepared.” Talking about the morals of the Sharif family, he added, “Sharif family is known to engage in character assassination of political opponents.” 


han also talked about the protests outside Jemima Goldsmith’s house and said, “What was her crime? She was my wife. Now they have Farah Khan because she is close to Bushra Bibi.” 


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