What happened:

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, in a Twitter thread, has announced that a crackdown will be done against those involved in sharing immoral content on social media. Rana Sanaullah announced that those involved in defaming people on social media would be dealt with by law, and “We will not tolerate them.” 


 It is pertinent to mention that Sanaullah’s announcement comes days after Khan had claimed that his counterparts had hired companies to malign his character. However, Rana Sanaullah announced, “We will wipe out those who spread this filth,” further guiding that instructions have been sent to the relevant authorities, including FIA. 


Rana Sanaullah also stated, “Social media will not be used to ridicule people; to prevent such incidents, we will deal with an iron fist.” At the same time, the interior minister said that immoral content would be wiped out from social media. 


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