What happened:

After Imran Khan had alleged that Aleem Khan was involved in illegal land grabbing during the podcast, the former PTI member called out the former prime minister for a live TV debate. Earlier, Imran Khan had claimed that Jahangir Khan Tareen and Aleem Khan wanted benefits from his government, and Aleem Khan allegedly wanted to legalize 300 acres of land in Lahore. 


However, Aleem Khan, in another presser, has highlighted he never wanted to legalize anything, “Whether that was 3,000 acres of land or 10,000 acres, not a single inch was state-owned. Neither there was any shamilat nor a single inch of state land.” On the other hand, Aleem Khan claimed that the ones who defrauded the nation and the property developers are now hosting Farah Khan in Dubai, “Whose aeroplane she had been using, and who, due to her close relations with Imran Khan? I believe that people should know everything…” 


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