What happened: Now, British researchers have come up with research proving that to yield better results, increase productivity, and improve mental health, all you need is a week off social media. The study by British researchers was published in Cyberpsychology Behavior and Social Networking, claiming that a week off would also help in reducing depression and anxiety. 

Details: The British researchers had 154 people on board with an average age of 29, and they were divided into two groups, one using social media for the week, and the other group stopped using social media. News24 quoted, “The researchers monitored participants’ social media use utilizing apps that track screen time.” At the same time, the participants filled a survey regarding measuring anxiety, depression, and well-being. 

Results: They are quoted as “Participants reported positive effects… improved mood… less anxiety overall.” Subsequently, the researchers suggested, “If you are spending hours each week scrolling and you feel it is negatively impacting you, it could be worth cutting down on your usage to see if it helps.” 


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