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What happened: Mosque’s imam is quoted by as, “Mosque built based on the teaching of Prophet Muhammad, Quran.” The mosque is known as France’s first eco-friendly mosque, and it stands out with its energy savings and effective use of natural resources. The mosque is built in Massy, which is a suburb of Paris in the Southern part, and it draws attention with its glass dome and other art pieces. 

Details: The Great Mosque of Massy has double-wall insulation, an underfloor heating system, and LED lights, as it ensures the efficient use of resources available at disposal. It is pertinent to mention that it was inaugurated in 2019, and it used rainwater that is collected in the mosque for cleaning and watering purposes. At the same time, the mosque is estimated to be valued at four million euros, and was built with the donations of Muslims in Massy and France. 


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