What happened:

With what has been termed criminal negligence, Ocean Mall administration’s head of operation department posted a statement claiming their escalator was not faulty. Ocean man had been on the receiving end after the parents of a three-year-old alleged that their son had to get his leg amputated because of the faulty escalator. However, Ocean Mall received backlash from the social media users as well as, protests outside the mall were carried out.

What did the parents allege?

The parents’ of the three-year-old claimed that the administration threatened them and “resorted to intimidation and made false claims against the parents of the 3-year-old.” Subsequently, it was claimed that the Ocean Mall administration refused to bear the expenses of the injured, ‘victim.’ 

Ocean Mall head of operation:

 Mohammad Salman, in the video, claimed, “The escalator was fine, and we have video evidence of 4000 shoppers going through the escalator.” He further claimed, “There are wrong claims that it took 7-8 minutes for rescue, but we rescued within 74 seconds, and administration’s car was outside the building.” Salman further stated, “Cheezein complicate hoti gayi, and hum toh baar baar offer krty thy to provide medical expenses, but hum videos nahi bna rhy thy, but wouh nahi maan rhy thay for the expenses.” 


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