What happened:

The extraordinary surge in temperature in the twin cities provoked the Ayub National Park zoo to declare a heatwave emergency in a bid to protect the animals from heatstroke and dehydration.


The Jungle World Zoo, according to Army Heritage Foundation Director-General Brig (retd) Asif Akhtar, has 130 rare species and more than 200 birds. According to him, the unusually high temperatures have increased the risk of heatstroke and dehydration in animals and birds, thus the zoo administration has declared an emergency to safeguard animals and birds from the heatwave’s detrimental consequences.

Protection from heatwave:

To prevent heatstroke in lions, bears, monkeys, zebras, deer, wolves, birds, and tigers, water ponds have been installed in their cages, as well as air coolers and extra fans with ice blocks in their night barracks. If the temperature rises above 50 degrees, air conditioners will be installed to protect the animals. 

During an emergency, the cages are draped in green clothing, and enough water is provided in ponds made up in the cages, as well as air coolers and ice blocks.


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