What happened:

The political commentators predicted a ban on the import of luxury items in Pakistan, alongside the dissolving of assemblies as it has been termed as “the last-ditch effort to save the government.” The decision came at a time when the dollar is at a record high, and the information ministry has termed it an emergency economic plan. 


As Pakistan’s import bill increases, alongside the current account deficit, depleting the foreign reserves, Shhebaz has announced an emergency economic plan. At the same time, the Information minister Mariyum Aurangzeb said, “The 38-list imported luxury items are those which are non-essential luxury items, and are not in use of the general public,” she said this while identifying cars as another banned import item. 

The banned items:

Mobile Phones
Sanitary ware
Doors and window frames
Fish and frozen fish
Home appliances
Tissue paper
Ice Cream…..


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