What happened:

Imran Khan’s close aide and once a close friend Aun Chaudhary has made a few rather shocking revelations in his interview with senior journalist Saleem Safi. Aun Chaudhary opened up about Bushra Bibi being the one making the party’s decisions as Chaudhary said, “I was asked not to attend the oath-taking ceremony, and when I got to know that the decision of me not attending was made on dreams, I was badly hurt as I had been the most hard-working member of PTI.” 


In reply to a question of Bushra Bibi’s dreams by Saleem Safi, Aun said, “Everyone knows who is associated with such dreams and the implementation of work done because of these dreams.” At the same time, the close aide to Khan also said, “My wrong was my loyalty to Khan Shb. Had my loyalties been somewhere else, I would still be there.” 


 Aun Chaudhary made another revelation and claimed, “These people are not the ones to show loyalty to. I was the hindrance between a lot of things. A gang has come in front of Pakistan. The ones who called the shots and did the work in the country. This is the very gang that used to run Punjab.” 


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