#BreakingNews: The Sindh High Court concluded the application filed by Dua Zehra’s father Syed Mehdi Ali Kazmi to recover his daughter. However, the SHC, in a written order quoted by a local publication, said, “The petition has served its purpose as it was only to the extent of the whereabouts of the alleged minor/ abductee Dua E Zahra Kazmi who has already been produced…” 

What you need to know: The court’s decision was further quoted as, “had stated before us on oath that she(Dua Zehra) was neither abducted nor kidnapped; but has entered into a contract of marriage with Respondent NO. 6, namely Zaheer Ahmed.” On the other hand, in a viral video on social media, Dua Zehra’s mother claimed that her daughter wanted to go with her, but the police took her away…


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