What happened: It is pertinent to mention that Dua Zehra, along with her husband Zaheer, the husband of Dua, had given an interview to a YouTuber on June 13, in which she said, “I want my parents to accept me.” On the other hand, in the latest video, Mehdi Kazmi, the father of allegedly abducted girl Dua, said that a gang had kidnapped his daughter, and they could force her to say anything. 

Details: Mehdi Kazmi, in the video statement, said that now notice from Supreme Court will be served to the interviewer for airing the interview with her daughter. However, Mehdi Kazmi said, “The girl is in their custody, and they can make her say whatever they want.” In the viral video of Mehdi Kazmi, he can be heard saying, “The interviewer claimed that she was in contact with these people (daughter and husband) from the first day, but after she receives the notice, all of them will again disappear.” 


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