What happened: A supermarket employee from North Waler, Andy is said to be addicted to the soft drink Pepsi and drank thirty cans every day for twenty years. LADBible quotes, “Supermarket worker Andy Currie spent an eye-watering 7,000 pounds-a-year on the fizzy drink and drank nine litres a day.”

Details: However, while totalling it was revealed that Andy drank nearly 220,000 cans of Pepsi, which makes up a total of eight thousand kilos, “the equivalent of seven million cubes.” Whereas, in an interview with LADBible he said, “I have always loved the taste of a cold Pepsi. Nothing could beat it and I just got hooked.” 

More: The TESCO employee further said, “I work nights so always liked the sugar rush to keep me going. I would go through four or five two litre bottles of Pepsi every day.” His interview is further quoted, “Because I work at TESCO I could just buy it straight after work and take it home.” 


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